Summer Vacation!!!!!

I love summer vacation and im sorry that havent been updating my blog for a long time but i love the summer. Going swimming, hanging with friends, and also… NO SCHOOL! It so nice tosit down and relax it’s fun. I love swimming and also love cody simpson all day.. its so up beat and i love it. Here are the lyrics.

I like this right here…..

Oh, oh, oh…


This young girl, she’s so cute

Everytime I see her, wear a fresh pair of shoes

‘Cause this young girl, she’s such a killer

Can’t wait til I have it, I’ma spend half a milla

I can see us together on top

We livin’ like we hit the jackpot

Cha-ching, like money in the bank

You should be with me

You’re like my favorite song

On the radio, radio, radio, radio

I could listen to you all day

You’re like a music video, video vi-vi-video

I could look at you all day

You make do my two-step all day

You keep me lookin’ fly for ya all day

So you should be my girlfriend all day

We’re like a hit on my radio, radio

You got this young boy, rackin’ his brains

Trying to make you mine, but I don’t got a ring

You got this young boy, goin’ insane

Tell me that you’re single and you’re waiting for me

I can see us together on top

We livin’ like we hit the jackpot

Cha-ching, like money in the bank

You should be with me

You’re like my favorite song

On the radio, radio, radio, radio, radio

I could listen to you all day

You’re like a music video, video vi-vi-video

I could look at you all day

You make do my two-step all day

You keep me lookin’ fly for ya all day

So you should be my girlfriend all day

We’re like a hit on my radio, radio

Singing to this song all day-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

Day- ay-ay-ay

Singing to this song All day-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

Singin’ to this song all day ay-ay-ay

Stopped me in my tracks, I had to know your name

Nik Nak Patty, got a fine lil’ swag

You and me together is a match, a match

Tell me, baby, why you makin’ me wait all day

Nik Nak Patty, got a fine lil’ swag

You and me together girl, we got it in the bag

You’re like my favorite sing on the radio, radio, radio, radio

I could listen to ya’ all day

You’re like a music video, video, vi-vi-video

I could look at you all day

You make me do my two-step all day

You keep me lookin’ fly for ya’ all day

So you should be my girlfriend all day

We’re like a hit on the radio, radio

Singin’ to this song all day-ay-yay-yay



Singin’ to this song all day-ay-yay-yay

Day-ay-yay-yay, yeah

Also to watch this video go to this link: All day

I hope all you people out there have a good summer and come back to my blog and read more posts like this.

Things that I learned….

Wow! The year went by so quick  and I have learned so much over the months and some things that I learned are:

1) To be safe on the Internet and what to put on the Internet 

2) To link to other people’s blog and to give credit to their hard work.

3) To not give out personal information(address, location of city/town, phone number,etc.)

4)To give credict to pictures and to not plagerize someones own work that they have done.

These are great things to know when blogging and I have learned very much about blogging and the Internet.

What’s Happening this Weekend…..

From the oficial website

From the oficial website

This weekend we are going to Canada’s Wonderland for our annual Cheerleading Competition and it will be fun!

After we do compet, me and my mom will be going on rides and to her it’s a mother and daughter day. One think I can’t wait for is to go on the new ride their… the Windseeker! You are so High up in the air it will be so fun. Also I will hopefully go on the Behmoth which will be really fun!

I can’t wait for Saturday!

The Last Challenge For the Student Blogging Challenge- Animals!

This is from

This is from

There is many typs of diffrent animals all over the world like bears, birds, cats, lions, elephants, dogs, and many, many more animals that you can think of. Some are instinct or some are hoing to instict because of there low population and will be gone very soon.

My favourite type of animal would have to be the cheetah and the lion. I think this because I really like wild animals and how they survive in the hot dessert. Same with humans to. Who knows how they find water and also I like about these animals is that they hunt for food for their young, NOT to find something dead already.

Now one thing that is very special about animals it all depends on how they were taught when they were young because with household animals they were taught to obey their owner, well the wild animals are taught how to hunt.

What ever the animal that you have or seen always think to yourself… What would your life be like an animal?

Keep on coming to my blog through the summer and i’ll tell you how my summer is going.

The last week of the Student Blogging Challenge

This is the final week of the student bloging challenge and I am sort of depressed that there is no more challenges but life as we know it goes on so for the 10th week for the first activity we have alot of questions on the whole bloging challenge, so the questions are:

Activity 1 – students and classes

Registration: Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge?

I think that it is early enough for two weeks before the challenge starts because you would haave two weeks to sign up and it only takes two minutes  to register so I think that two weeks would be fine.

Subscription: Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published?

I think that I did do this in order to get my post’s up quick as I can so that everyone can read and watch some video’s.

Student and class pages: How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge?

These pages are very useful to know the challenges and to know what kind of the games so it is very useful to everyone.

 Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

I did and sometimes I didn’t because my teacher would do a page saying what we had to do, then she would links to the student bloging challenge so it was pretty even with each time using the challenges.

 Which challenges were the most useful?

I think the most challenge was most useful was the Week 7- Moving Time  becausethat challenge showed me how to link to other post’s or websites and also blogs so that week taught me alot.

Which challenges were the moSst interesting?

I think the Challenge that was the most interesting was the Image Search- Week 5 because you learned how to find diffrent ways to get an image on the internet and to take a image that is approved by the person who took the photo and it is legal that youi can take that photo so that was a interesting week.

What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

Some other topics that would be useful for the next student blogging challenge would be to know what kinds of diffrent animals all around the world and also anything that has to do with having friends.

Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post?

I think not because with all the challenges and your teachers teaching you this subject, I think all the turorial type challenges were just perfect to know each and everything.

Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

Yes they were because you could go to whos ever blog that was on that site and see what they did to get on the “Visit these” post so I thought they were very useful.

 Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

The challenges that you had to embed things was very easy because you knew how to do this or your teachers were just teaching you how to do this. Also it is awesome to learn new things each day so it was not hard at all.

 Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

Yes there was because you had ten weeks to find and meet new people that used to be strangers to you and also to talk to people where ever in the world, I thought that it was neat to meet new people in diffrent countries.

 Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?

There was enough activities that the classes that did this because in each week there was diffrent parts to each challenge so I think there was enough challenges.

 Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular

I think everything about the challenge was great. I had a great time doing the challenges and if I am with the same teacher next year  tha that will be fun!

Food allergy Awarness Day

Kid in the Mid there is a day in Austraillia called Food alergy awarness day and I think this is to celebrate people who have this kind of alergy and who haved survied it and who have not. One person in my class is allergic to peanuts and she has had it all her life. Luckly she hasen’t have an reaction to it which is great.
Also me I am allergic to a insect allery, not the same but it is dangerous for both of us. I am allergic to bees and if I get stung than I can die, same with my friend but just with peanuts.
Alergy’s can be very dangerous and if you have them than be very careful. I f you want to know the date for this event it is May 16.


This is from

This is from

For the student blogging challenge for all these weeks would have to be Elena’s Blog from my class and Ethan’s Blog that I have been in touch with. I think these two because:

Elena has been up with all the challenges and how she has a setup of her blog is good to find what you need to find and if you want to comment on some of her post’s than that is easy to find as well. Also another thing is her post’s because they are very interesting and she doesn’t also do the student blooging challenge, she also does some other ones as well. This is one person that I think should get an award.

Ethan should also get a award because he has been keeping up with the post and also he does alot of funny post’s. For example his Zoom out post is really funny with some of his comments and this is why he should also get an award.

There were so many people were amazing at the student blogging challenge but I could only choose two so I hope you have a good day or good night I hope you keep coming back and reading more amazing post’s by me!

Will I keep blogging over the Summer?

This week for the student blogging challenge we have to be checking over our blog. Also we have more activities that are just normal questions so here they are:

Activity 1.

Will you continue blogging over your summer holidays (Northern hemisphere) or during the winter term (Southern Hemisphere)? Why or why not?

Of coarse I will still be blogging over the summer telling you out there what I am doing and if there are any neat things going onn during the summer. Since I have been blogging I have really injoyed meeting new people and seeing other blogs that are very creative so I will be blogging as much as I can.

Activity 2.

If you didn’t get many visitors to your blog (other than your classmates), what do you think you need to do to get them to visit? Write a post about this.

I did get some vistitors but not as many as I hoped so but I did meet new people just by commenting on diffrent blogs and its very interesting where people live like Austrailia, America and many more diffrent people from diffrent countries.

To get more vistitors to my blo I have to really try to comment a little more and to reply to them if they ask me a question.

Activity 3.

Do you think it would be handy to have a blogging glossary on your blog? If yes, create one as a page so it is always available to your readers.

I think that you don’t really need a blog dictionary because you already have your recent posts or go to the diffrent pages on your blog so I really think you don’t need a glossary at all.

There arre more posts coming up so don’t go any where!

One thing I glow with pride is…

This meme is from the student blogging challenge for week 8 for something that you glow about with pride.

One special thing that I glow about with pride is … Cheerleading. Asyou read in my last post I am on a cheerleading team at my school and every year we go to compotition at Canadas Wonderland, but I would like to tell you the story of how I became a cheerleader.

It all started back in 2009  when I first started out a new cheerleader. How you make it on the team is that you go trough  try out and from there you try to memorize the dance then do toetouches, pikes, and hirkies(these are all diffrent jumps that you do for cheerleading). Then from there see if you would be a base or top or a third. Abase is where  they lift the top who goes up and the third just helps you lift so then it is easier for the bases.

After a try out you see if you made it on the team and I did which I felt so happy and felt so proud in myself that I made it on the team. So from then on I have been cheerleading and it has been great. Last year we placed third in competitin out of 9 teams which is really good and we tried our best so I think we did great. Also our coaches got us a trophy showing that we did the best and we tried the best as much as we could.

This year we are again going to Canadas Wonderland for compotition on May 28th and trust me it will be a busy week for me. I go to a group in Delhi and on the 27th we are going horseback riding so that will be fun. Then the next day me and my mom will be driving up to Toronto and who knows what time we’ll be up at canadas Wonderland so… who knows. I will have fun on those days and I know we’ll do our best to get first  for Cheerleading.

Now the people I like to tag are some people who are on the cheerleading team and another blog on cheerleading:

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